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November 15, 2021

How Working With A Lighting Consultant Will Transform Your Space

How Working With A Lighting Consultant Will Transform Your Space

Good lighting brings a room together, but it also adds something. A feeling of lightness, an inimitable impression, ambience you can see and feel.

This is the true artisanship of lighting plan consultants. They employ design techniques and practical expertise to create an overall warmth, complete with details (like switch location and pendant finish) that you can’t help but appreciate.

Working with a professional lighting consultant is a must when renovating, redesigning or reimagining your home in 2021, so let’s look closer at the craft of home lighting design.

What do lighting plan consultants do?

How many times have you walked into a well-lit room and felt something? Chances are, you have a lighting plan consultant to thank.

Using an extensive set of practical tools and design techniques, a lighting consultant creates a blueprint that achieves your lighting design goals. Their methods ensure lighting works around your lifestyle and interacts with the other elements in your home: architecture, furniture, art and functional spaces.

In short? Lighting plan consultants are highly practical artists.

They create home lighting plans

Home lighting design is a specialised area of interior design. In the simplest terms, their role in your renovation is to advise on lighting that achieves the desired outcome. Just like you might spend hours choosing the perfect shade of wall paint, it’s worth investing time in lighting design so you can get the most out of your space.

They paint with light

Lighting consultants can explain how subtle tweaks make an enormous difference to a room’s atmosphere and liveability. Whether that’s practical kitchen lighting for cooking, dramatic exterior lighting to highlight your entryway or warm bathroom lighting that brings out your best side, the answer lies in the lighting plan.

They talk technology

Our lighting plan consultants stay updated with the latest technology and energy-efficient lighting methods. They help to sift through the seemingly endless options to find the best solution for every light fitting, including switches, dimmers, fittings and finishes.

They also keep an eye on the latest smart home lighting gadgets to fit out your future-ready home.

They make sure it’s up to code

For a lighting consultant to integrate into your renovation team, they need detailed knowledge of local building codes, electricity capacity, methods and materials. They speak the same language as builders and tradespeople.

They catch and fix common mistakes

Have you ever jumped at your own shadow in the kitchen? Poor lighting design creates a jarring, uncomfortable atmosphere. Lighting designers draw on their skills and experience to help you avoid mistakes, whether that’s on a 2D house plan or retrofitting existing rooms.

How to choose the right local lighting plan consultant

The key is to look for a lighting designer with an impressive portfolio and the practical skills to get the job done.

Here at Urban Lighting, our consultants strike that balance, combining passion for the perfect lighting with an extensive range of designer lighting. Reach out to discuss our custom lighting plans or visit our showrooms Willoughby to feel inspired.