Portable lights are trending: Everything you need to know about the latest lighting fashion
September 17, 2023

Portable lights are trending: Everything you need to know about the latest lighting fashion

Portable lights are trending: Everything you need to know about the latest lighting fashion

Over the last year, we've noticed a massive uptick in clients requesting portable lighting. Once seen as only suitable for emergency lighting, portable lamps now offer an innovative and super flexible system to provide sophisticated and trendy contemporary lighting wherever needed.

What is portable lighting?

Forget about cumbersome cords and plugs; portable lights make it simple to extend your functional living space well beyond the four walls of your home. The right portable lights nestle effortlessly in the quiet corners of your home, allowing you to enjoy every nook and cranny. If you don't have a pergola or outdoor structure, place a few beautifully designed portable lights on and around your table to enjoy a stunning alfresco dinner with friends.

Here at Urban Lighting, we have a range of portable lighting from which to choose. The Sponge lamp is excellent for providing reading lighting and general nighttime illumination. The range contains several matching, aesthetically pleasing portable lamps. But let's learn more about portable lighting types. 

Types of portable lighting

When you decide which type of portable light is right for you, we recommend talking with one of our experienced lighting consultants at our designer lighting store. They will help you choose a range that best suits your intended use.

Remember, the proper portable lighting doesn't just provide light but also creates mood and atmosphere. With our portable lights, you can beautifully and effectively light any space. 

Just like internally wired lighting, portable lighting provides:

  • Ambient lighting, provides general, uniform room illumination and is easily achievable with a floor lamp.
  • Task lighting provides increased light for specific tasks in a room with ambient light. 
  • Direct lighting allows light from a fixture to illuminate a specific area or object. 
  • Primary lighting, which provides general bright overhead lighting for everyday use. 

Portable lamps adapt to any circumstance and environment, lending personality and character to any space while ensuring excellent lighting.

Our range of portable lamps

We love the functionality of portable lamps, from the battery-operated Sponge pendant light, which creates a stunning balmy summer evening mood, to the Sponge spike, which is perfect for garden beds, to the aesthetically pleasing Villa Round Solar lamp, which looks stunning when grouped in threes.

This modern range is the cumulation of research, innovative design, and craftsmanship, as it is made with the best materials in circulation. Our rechargeable portable lights result from resourceful, creative research, and the results are unique design pieces, the perfect blend of technology and aesthetics. If you’re interested in learning more, contact our lighting consultant.

Adaptable, flexible and rechargeable

Moving the lights to different areas of ​​the house is a large part of the success of cordless lamps. They give you the freedom to change things up depending on your mood. A vital feature of these portable lights is the power supply: our cordless portables have a rechargeable battery inside that guarantees a duration of up to 6 hours, depending on the setting. We have both USB charging and solar charging lights available.

Portable lights: where to use them

Portable lighting is perfect indoors and outdoors and for all those situations where it's tricky to introduce classic lighting.

In a residential area, portable lights are fantastic for illuminating pool areas, or as spot lighting in garden beds, or along garden paths. 

Modern Portable Lights

Our beautifully designed range of portable lights is the perfect element to create atmosphere and ambience. From the pool deck to around the campfire, portable lights will lead the way.

At Urban Lighting, an innovative designer lighting store, our range contains unique, rechargeable, and portable lighting options. Versatile and designed to cater to your every need, our lights are available in a selection of styles that complement any outdoor decor. Whether your aesthetic is rustic, modern, or somewhere in between, there's a design that will seamlessly integrate with your surroundings and enhance the charm of your outdoor space.

Portable lights' popularity is due to their open, minimal looks and mobile design. They are fantastic for brightening up any room and adding a beautiful decorative touch. They make a perfect centrepiece for your outdoor dining table, look amazing when layered up the stairs to light the way, and create a moody ambience when scattered around your outdoor entertaining area.

With homes getting ever smaller and people wanting to organize their spaces more than ever, consumers want flexible, portable, cordless, multifunctional lighting options that create relaxed atmospheres.

Renters also want to beautify their homes, and these lamps are perfect for that, adding aesthetically pleasing elements without the commitment of damaging the property.

Choose Urban Lighting for your portable lights

Lighting affects all aspects of a room, including influencing your mood. At Urban Lighting, our lighting consultant team is passionate about delivering exceptional lighting designs for our clients. We combine practical and stylish lighting with innovative control systems. Depending on what you are doing, you can set the perfect mood for cooking, dining, watching TV, or simply relaxing with just the click of a switch. 

We don't overcomplicate things or overwhelm you with technical talk. We care about our customers, and if you have an issue, we'll do everything possible to help you. We have two designer lighting store display showrooms in Sydney, staffed with our friendly and knowledgeable team. They are happy to pass on their expertise and help guide you through any lighting challenge.

Start by browsing our extensive range of lighting online, or pop into the Urban Lighting Design showrooms in Annandale and Willoughby, where you can experience the beauty of our contemporary lighting styles.