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December 13, 2021

Spotlight On: Hinkley

Spotlight On: Hinkley

Hinkley is a name synonymous with heritage, quality and family, qualities we prize at Urban Lighting Design

As a second-generation family-owned lighting designer, we recognise our values in Hinkley’s rich family history and commitment to thoughtful design.

Hinkley is the first brand featured in our new Spotlight On series, where we discuss lighting designers’ contributions to lighting design through the years and look towards the future of lighting.

From humble beginnings

In 1922, electricity was still a novelty in Cleveland, Ohio. Most major US cities had electric streetlights, but rural communities wouldn’t be connected for another decade.

Under these conditions, lighting pioneer Phil R Hinkley founded Hinkley Lighting, Inc. and began selling outdoor residential lanterns in Cleveland.

However, he would only helm the company for 15 years, unfortunately succumbing to tuberculosis in 1937. When Hinkley passed away, his business partner Stanley Wiedemer took over, having already purchased half the company’s shares some years earlier.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Four generations and nearly 100 years later, Hinkley is still a family-owned business, and they still call Cleveland home.

With Hinkley’s centennial celebration on the horizon in 2022, there’s no better time to reflect on the company’s history and look ahead to the future of lighting design.

Honouring Hinkley’s heritage

Hinkley’s curated Heritage Collection features modern LED outdoor lanterns reminiscent of the timeless designs that started it all. Melding old-world elegance with contemporary industrial charm, Heritage Collection pieces like the Adair lantern inspire nostalgia for a bygone era.

Tradition in every detail

With the second and third generations of Wiedemers came Hinkley Lighting’s transformation. Stanley’s grandson Rick Wiedemer began his remarkable 50-year career on the factory floor, gradually working his way up to CEO, where his leadership saw Hinkley develop into one of the world’s finest lighting companies.

Tradition and quality are central to Hinkley’s success. In the company’s own words, “thoughtful design, impeccable attention to detail and quality craftsmanship are the backbone of every single product we release.”

The Carter drum pendant might be the ideal exemplar of this commitment to quality in every detail. What looks at first glance like a traditional drum pendant unfurls into an intricately textured silhouette bursting with details and exuding warmth.

Lighting the way forward

Jess Wiedemer took the reins in 2015, ushering Hinkley into a new age of contemporary lighting hallmarked by versatility, individuality and thoughtful design. Modern silhouettes are now a steady constant in Hinkley’s ever-expanding portfolio, with small touches that resonate with the company’s legacy.

The Archer pendant, a strikingly contemporary piece with a decidedly mid-century twist, is a prime example of how Hinkley’s lighting designers let tradition inspire them in a bold new era of interior styling.

Archer effortlessly adapts to any vertical or horizontal space, thanks to versatile articulated arms and a choice of three finishes.

Find Hinkley products at Urban Lighting Design

We aim to showcase the best timeless and contemporary pieces in our portfolio, with an extensive selection of American lighting designers. Urban Lighting Design is proud to offer more than 70 Hinkley lighting products.

Many are on display in our Annandale and Willoughby lighting showrooms, or you can browse the complete range online and get in touch to enquire about owning a piece of tradition in your own home.