A Complete Lighting Overhaul – How a Lighting Designer Can Help
May 14, 2019

A Complete Lighting Overhaul – How a Lighting Designer Can Help

A Complete Lighting Overhaul – How a Lighting Designer Can Help

It’s the middle of the year and now’s when we all start feeling a bit, well… dull. Just imagine how your house feels! It's last spruce up was probably last October when the spring cleaning bug took a big bite into your sanity.

It’s a frequently overlooked method of reviving a home but re-light it and turn almost any space from drab to fab with the flick of a switch. You really can turn a cave into a warm escape and likewise, bolster task lighting so you can work to full effect. If you’re short on ideas on how to get it all happening, get a home lighting consultation from the gurus who come with that figurative lightbulb of ideas above their head – an Urban Lighting designer who can solve any and all lighting issues.


What’s involved in a lighting consultation?

At home or instore, what’s your preference? If you’d rather stop in to see our exciting array of showroom lighting and talk design at the same time, we’re up with that. A few photos of your home’s layout would be great but really, as long as you have the plan of your house firmly in your mind, we can talk it through and put you on track to developing the ultimate lighting plan for your home.

If you’re more comfortable showing us your home as it’s lit now, we’re happy to come to you. No existing plan is too horrible to witness. No suggestion too crazy – what’s discussed during consultation, stays at consultation! If it’s more mood lighting in the bathroom that you’re after – done. Lighting in the lounge that creates a subdued area for television viewing plus a space for reading? It’s yours. How about giving your garden personality? That’s always a breath-taking result. A lighting designer considers your budget and then delivers a lighting plan to suit.

What a lighting designer does

Does a photographer just point and shoot? Nope, and neither do we with our lighting. A lighting designer devises a custom lighting plan, individual to your space. We aim to create a perfectly lit space while still reflecting your interior design desires (and we can help with those too).

The lighting designer is experienced in common lighting issues, such as how the seasons may impact your chosen lighting. Your house may be significantly darker during winter, meaning that you need a lighting solution that can be altered as the seasons change. That’s what a home lighting consultation solves.

An Urban Lighting designer is a nosey parker for a reason. Without delving too deeply into your personal affairs we consider your lifestyle requirements so we can then be as creative as this modern lighting world allows for maximum results. For instance, you spend a lot of time entertaining outdoors? Great, we’ll focus on devising an outdoor lighting plan that creates depth, spotlights features and creates safe access, and all with motion sensors as well as regular light switches. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Our extensive collection means we can cater to any budget, a great lighting designer knows their lights across a range of price brackets. We’re also conscious of the energy expenditure of certain lights, and how much they could affect your electricity bill. A clever lighting plan takes all of this into account, including the latest lighting technology.

We dream of lighting. We know what’s new and improved and when we’re out and about on our days off, you better believe we’re still soaking up the ways lighting has been used. We’re often recommending new-to-market solutions to clients. Add to this a thorough knowledge of up-to-date regulations and a home lighting consultation with a lighting designer is a smart, smart move.

At the end of the day – literally – when the daylight dims and the lights come on, that’s when clients are thankful they had a fresh set of eyes across their lighting plan. The lovers of light at Urban Lighting are ready to plan your home lighting for economy, practicality and beauty. Our lighting designer’s creative light bulbs are on so call us and let’s shine a light on your home’s finest features!