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Welcome to Urban Lighting


Urban Lighting is the most distinctive destination for lighting in Sydney's North Shore and Inner West. We pride ourselves on sourcing both unique and accessible products with a range that continues to evolve as new designs and options become available.

Our service is personalised, and we aim to assist your design choices in every way possible; our staff members are extremely experienced both in lighting design and the more technical aspects of lighting your home.

Offering a fresh approach to interior and exterior designer lighting in our boutique showroom at Annandale and our flagship showroom at Willoughby, our display range includes distinct style European imports through to products that are sourced and manufactured locally and internationally. It is our intention to bring together a select range of high quality items to meet the discerning customer’s taste and practical requirements.




Downlights + Christmas!

October 2018

A conversation about downlights would normally draw eye-rolls and yawns.  But folks, no more! These are exciting times as downlights break out of their square grid layouts and transform themselves into main players.  Robert has been doing some amazing things with downlights – instead of lighting your hallway, lighting your artwork using the VARANO, and instead of hiding downlights away, surface mounting the KINETIC in a contrasting colour.  Come and have a chat with him if you’re in a downlight rut.


We know it’s only October but if that pre-Christmas spruce-up is on your mind, you’ll need to get your lighting organised tout de suite - many lights have a lead-time of up to six weeks.  If you are planning the Christmas soiree at your place this year, bring your plans and mood boards to us in October and we’ll get you organised with time to spare.



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Bedside Pendants

September 2018

Lighting a bedside is one of the slightly trickier decorating conundrums.  Any light needs to look good, give enough light to read by and not take up too much space on the bedside table.   You can see why it poses a problem.

A sleek task light will often do the trick but is not really decorative enough for most people, and a table lamp fits the decorative brief, but needs to be tall enough and bright enough to cast light onto whatever you’re reading, without taking up too much room.  Another option, however, is to forget a lamp all together and hang a pendant by the bedside.  It solves the space on the table issue, and the light will be overhead making it perfect for reading.  On top of all that, it can look absolutely smashing!  The Dobi, Dora, Rain, and Ling are all great options.  Have a look at them here:

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Decor + Design 2018

August 2018

It has been a busy few weeks here at Urban.  In July we launched our very first range of lamps at Décor + Design in Melbourne.  They were received very enthusiastically so we are thrilled about that! We now have stockists in Sydney and Melbourne, including our two Urban Lighting stores of course.  Have a look at a few images of the show below.

We are adding 10 new products to the range in October so stay tuned!

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