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Urban Lighting is the most distinctive destination for lighting in Sydney's North Shore and Inner West. We pride ourselves on sourcing both unique and accessible products with a range that continues to evolve as new designs and options become available.

Our service is personalised, and we aim to assist your design choices in every way possible; our staff members are extremely experienced both in lighting design and the more technical aspects of lighting your home.

Offering a fresh approach to interior and exterior designer lighting in our boutique showroom at Annandale and our flagship showroom at Willoughby, our display range includes distinct style European imports through to products that are sourced and manufactured locally and internationally. It is our intention to bring together a select range of high quality items to meet the discerning customer’s taste and practical requirements.





August 2018

Everywhere we turn we are seeing moody hues and brass. It’s just beautiful! Sofas are in luxurious fabrics, walls are dark, and light fittings are sophisticated.

At Urban, we are loving this interior vibe. Bathrooms are more glamorous, lighting choices are more decorative and colours are more adventurous. We feel like we may have stepped back to the 1930’s.

Urban Lighting has an extensive range of brass light fittings to match your interior mood. If the 30’s isn’t quite your thing tho, pairing industrial or vintage interiors with brass lighting is heavenly also.


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Exterior Lighting

July 2018

Happily the days of sitting on the back veranda being blinded by the 200W floodlight are over.

We are using our outdoor spaces more than ever thanks to an explosion of design interest extending into our gardens, possibly because of the plethora of TV makeover shows, or maybe we’ve finally worked out we have the climate for it?

Many of the same principles apply to lighting outdoors as indoors – it should be practical and safe, but sometimes it’s just to show off the best features.  Subtle lighting across pathways and stairs ensures no-one tumbles, but it also creates a beautiful mood.  Washing light up or down a stone feature wall can look spectacular also!

And now that we’re no longer blinding our guests, we can shoot those powerful lights up into trees and highlight the super models in our yards. Beautiful! Or create a magical wonderland with whimsical fairy lights. The possibilities are endless.


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Hamptons Darling!

May 2018

Our love affair with The Hamptons doesn’t look like ending any time soon. Who didn’t want to move into Meryl Streep’s house in It’s Complicated and whip up something delicious? Or even date Jack Nicholson in Something’s Gotta Give if it meant having Diane Keaton’s fabulous house? It’s not hard to see why this look is so appealing - it speaks of relaxed, family living. Nothing too precious, and effortless in style.

Lanterns, simple chandeliers and wall lights all work beautifully to create this look. There is generally a hub in these style of homes which is part of their charm – an island bench with lanterns over it, a big farmhouse style table with a signature chandelier, or both if you’re lucky.   Try and steer clear of downlights as this is the opposite of what the Hamptons is about. Think decorative wall lights in the bathroom, beautiful lamps in the bedrooms, and lamps and pendant lights in the living rooms.

Wallpaper works very well in Hamptons-style homes and at Urban we are able to incorporate your fabrics and wallpapers into your lighting fixtures with our custom made shades. You can use this service for pendant lights, table and floor lamps, or even wall lights.

Oh, and install dimmers wherever possible so your lighting can match your mood.

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