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StoneStrong for the harsh Australian climate

September 30, 2021

StoneStrong from the Generation Lighting

You did it! You just moved into your new home a stones throw from the ocean. But you are fast learning coastal living has its challenges. That beautiful ocean breeze brings with it corrosion, fading and rust. Finding durable and suitable products for harsh climate conditions can be arduous and expensive not to mention often  having to forgo style in the process.


StoneStrong from the Generation Lighting range gives you the best of both worlds, versatility and unique design, function and form. StoneStrong is made up of ground marble and emery for strength, latex composite for durability, bonded together with an adhesive used primarily in outdoor applications. StoneStrong composite is especially well-suited for harsh climates where prolonged exposure to salty air, rain, sun, snow and humidity—even debris and pollutants. The patented composite is rustproof, resists corrosion, fading, fire, acids and has twice the strength of Resin all while being ecofriendly.  Backed with a 5 year warranty our friends in the north sure do know how to make things last.


Designed For beauty, engineered for the elements. For more information on StoneStrong or to see the full collection click HERE

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