Go Big or Go Home – Big, Bold Pendant Lighting
May 10, 2019

Go Big or Go Home – Big, Bold Pendant Lighting

Go Big or Go Home – Big, Bold Pendant Lighting

Generally speaking, Australians are more the relaxed type of personality where the ‘she’ll be right’ ethos suits just about any situation. Except when you’re talking beautiful, bold pendant lighting. An understated look just doesn’t cut it when you’ve chosen the attention seeker of the lighting family. That’s why we’re urging every Aussie home to go big ‘n’ bold for your next foray into classic, modern, industrial/rustic, and chandelier pendant lighting.

A pendant light hangs from the ceiling via a chain, cord or rod. Depending on the size of the pendant light, they can be hung individually but can make an absolute statement in a cluster.

Pendant lights can be hung anywhere and everywhere, from stair landings to bench tops to entries. Just don’t be shy about it! A pendant light is the perfect excuse to bring your home lighting to the forefront.


When should pendant lights be used?

Always – but hey, we’re a bit biased. Seriously though, pendant lights can be used in numerous ways, providing useful light as well as a pretty focal point.

Lighting designers use them to ‘zone’ sections of a home, creating a sense of separation between living areas. This zoning method can be particularly useful in large, open-plan homes as the light cast from pendant lights can help to breakdown a large room into softer, seemingly smaller areas.

If a space is light-on for visual interest, a pendant light can make all the difference. Detailed pendant lighting can immediately become the focal point of a room, drawing attention away from sparse areas. Additionally, as pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling, they can fill high, empty voids or be hung low over a cosy reading corner. The possibilities really are endless.

As beautiful as they are, pendant lights do serve an indispensable practical purpose – delivering direct light and vastly improving the functionality of a space. Hanging above our heads but closer than ceiling down lights, they provide concentrated light, or task light, onto a certain area. This is particularly useful in areas such as the kitchen or over dining tables.

At the end of the day, perhaps it’s the art installation you’ve always wanted? Or some personality you want to punctuate. Because they come in such a vast range of styles, pendant lighting allows you to show off a flash of creativity that is 100% you!

How to make your pendant light shine!

The brightness of the light can largely affect its ambience as well as its functionality. Globes range from ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ light. Cool is usually for task areas while warm is for mood and softer transition lighting. How about a dimmer on your pendant lighting? It pairs perfectly with a bottle of red as an instant mood enhancer.

The direction of the light will significantly affect the way in which the light alters the room, so you should give thought to whether you want your pendant light to provide directional or ambient lighting.

Factors to consider when choosing your pendant

We might be saying it but believe us, others are thinking it: pendant lighting hanging in the wrong spot can look like an out of place appendage instead of an exclamation mark in lighting brilliance. So when it’s time to choose, consider a few factors to ensure everything’s in its rightful place.

Size does matter. If the size of your space is medium to small, perhaps one light would work well in the room or else a group of smaller pendant lights hung collectively are the answer. Just balance the size of your new light with the size of the space. Bigger isn’t always better and too small can be a bit… odd.

Another important factor to consider is the height at which you would like the light to hang. Take note of the height of your ceiling, as this can affect the suitability of certain lights.


Unsure what will work in your home and be functional?

If you’re unsure about what will work in your home, throw the spotlight on us! Lighting professionals such as Robert, Urban Lighting’s specialist advisor, love nailing function and form in one sensational pendant light.

To find your perfect lighting exclamation mark, trust the experts at Urban Lighting to illuminate your home’s most standout features. Get in touch and let’s get started.