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Focused Lighting

January 14, 2021

Focused Lighting

 Lighting can be magical, yep magical. Uplighters on architectural details, pin spot down lights above paintings, LED strip on staircases or lamps and pendants to highlight a  statement piece of furniture can create a whimsical illusion with a subtle flush of light.

Soft, subtle yet intentional washes of light directed on to your painting creates a gallery style space, highlighting your specially curated art collection. There are so many ways to achieve this, track lighting is my personal favourite as it gives an edge, and the direction of lighting can be adjusted as your art collection evolves.

Pin spot down lights or picture lights are also a great way to light up your artworks from above. The direct wash of light can be used as ambient lighting or in conjunction with your main light source for when brighter light is needed. (designer tip : two pin spots together create a beautiful affect as seen here in a recent project with MK Design Sydney).

It doesn’t have to be as clean straight forward as gallery style lighting; paintings can be lit from behind, underneath and from the side with a feature wall light. It can be as individual as your artistic taste.

If it is a sculpture, statement furniture piece, nook or even a pretty vignette in your home you wish to bring into focus, pendants, lamps and wall lights are all effective ways to do this.  They add to the overall styling of the room and bring another layer of lighting for your floor plan. The Soktas' collection of hand blown glass pendants and wall lights are a converted work of art all on their own. 


So, there is some food for thought when planning your lighting around not only for your practical needs but also your loved possessions and collections. If you need help or would like to know more our wonderfully knowledgeable staff are always available to talk Lights!

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