One day, weary of the manufactured, the contrived, the predictable, the “mammalampa” family resolved to embark on a journey of non-production. They sought out elements that birthed themselves, illuminating them with newfound brilliance. Gazing upon the rugged, unadulterated beauty of raw materials, they endeavoured to awaken them to a fresh existence.

This pursuit of a novel aesthetic is ingrained in the essence of the enterprise — a familial collective. Their moniker, "mammalampa", encapsulates not only their creations but also their ethos. "Mamma" symbolises their guiding principle: a return to authenticity, to the genuine, the unmanufactured, underscored by a predominantly feminine design ethos. "mammalampa" fixtures are crafted from natural elements, employing minimal technological intervention, relying instead on manual craftsmanship, basic material manipulation, and oftentimes leaving materials untreated. Their aim is to rediscover the authentic. "mammalampa" is driven by a craving for the equitable and primal. It envisions materials through an unconventional lens, forging its distinct identity and ethical principles.

Urban Lighting is excited to introduce these captivating new collections, meticulously crafted by hand in Riga, Latvia, now available in the Australian market. Say goodbye to long waiting periods of 3-4 months; we are delivering these stunning pieces to you within a couple of weeks.