Britt is our driving creative force. If a product doesn't hit the spot with our customers, it has to go. She is the resident bowerbird - always on the look out for what is going to make your homes fabulous. With a background in interior styling, she constantly has an eye on what is happening around the globe in the lighting and design industries.


Robert, aka Britt's twin, has over 17 years' experience in lighting and now works managing projects, based in the Willoughby store.  He is quick with a joke and a bit of mischief if things are getting stressful and busy. Robert generally lifts everyone spirits!


Judi is our mother hen, buzzing around making sure everyone is ok and finishing those jobs we just can't get to.  She is why Urban Lighting exists. From her start up the road 40 years ago as Light Up Willoughby, Urban Lighting is now the baby of her children Britt and Robert, with Judi playing an enormous supporting role.


Chris comes from the stage!  In fact, he is a NIDA alumni.  He has extensive knowledge of stage lighting from his previous life as a lighting engineer, and has transferred that knowledge to Urban Lighting as our Willoughby Showroom Manager.


Rod is the grandfather of Urban Lighting.  He has over 40 years' experience in the industry and is our go-to for technical information, and the best man to sort out your lighting layout. He won't give you style advice (well, he may) but his technical knowledge is unsurpassed.


Leslie has many years' experience in commercial lighting and brings that knowledge, together with her cool, calm style to Urban Lighting.  Leslie is always on hand with great design advice and a chuckle (and pictures of her gorgeous grandsons if you ask nicely).


Maren is our unflappable pocket rocket.  She has over 15 years' experience in lighting and is patient beyond compare.  If your lighting project is getting on top of you, come and see Maren.  She will calm you and get you through.


Kimberley has been with the Urban Lighting team for three years.  She brings her fabulous hospitality industry service skills and project management experience to Urban, and has quickly added lighting knowledge to her skill set in this time.  She is also unwaveringly honest with her opinions, so if you need some direction, she can help!


Helen has worked with Judi for 28 years. Firstly as a full time member and now as a part time employee. Helen is experienced and lovely. Oh, and fluent in several Chinese languages. She is based in our Annandale store.


Geoff is our Mr Reliable.  Geoff picks orders up, delivers things, fixes things and can generally be called on in a crisis.  Geoff has extensive lighting knowledge and supports the Willoughby showroom sales team. In addition he is our back of house and IT support.


Barbara is the newest member of the Urban team.  She comes from an IT background and brings her real passion for decorating to the role.  She has quickly grasped the intricacies of lighting as well as the important technical aspects.


Gayle is our engine room.  She can typically be found under boxes in the receiving room packing orders for our customers.  It's Gayle who chases up orders and let's you know when your lights are ready for collection.  When Gayle goes on holidays, we all cry.


Tracie is our Financial Controller and makes sure the bills get paid, so if you are a supplier reading this, be nice to her.  Tracie has been involved in lighting since the days of Light Up Willoughby, so she is almost part of the furniture now.  Oh and she lives in a treehouse!


Lizzy has recently joined the Urban team as a back office all-rounder.  She keeps our website up to date, and helps out with accounts.  Lizzy is having a baby at the end of year so we're hoping Rosalie can fast-track her midwifery skills in time.


Rosalie was one of the showroom staff at our Annandale store in her previous life. Now she juggles her children as well as studying to be a midwife. She keeps our social media sites engaging (hopefully!) and assists with the accounts. She can often be heard singing off key in the back office.