Tapered Square Shade - C Range


  • Lamp shades are measured in inches: bottom diameter x top diameter x top to bottom height
  • The table below indicates sizes and fabrics available
  • Not all shades are kept in-store. Please contact our showrooms to check availability
  • Ring size is standard B22 only (not available in European ring size)
  • Ring recess on tapered square shades is 1.5"
  • Leadtime for orders is 3 - 5 days
  • (CON)
7x4x6.5 8x4x8 12x5x8
Bark yes yes yes
Fleck - yes yes
Black yes yes -
Deep Lilac yes yes -
Grape yes - -
Hot Pink yes yes -
Light Blue yes - -
Navy - yes -
Orange yes yes -
Off White yes yes yes
Cognac - yes -
Red yes yes -
Sand yes yes yes
Snowflake yes yes yes
RRP: $29.00 $34.00 $43.00

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