OLLO LED Pendant


Designed and Handmade by Oliver Höglund in Currumbin Australia.

Molten hot glass shaped and mouth-blown at one thousand degrees celsius. An organic round shape made with quality Swedish clear glass to dress a defused pinapple LED bulb.

The defused LED bulb shines and refract off the contours of the OLLO pendant light to give a unique one of a kind lighting design.

The free formation design ensures that no two pieces are the same, giving you a truly aesthetic piece for your space.

Glass & Metal
Glass Finishes
Clear, Grey, Tea
Chrome, Matt Black or Brass
Cable Suspension
Steel or Black Steel
Built in 1W LED -150lm
(brighter options available)
Driver Inc.
Colour Temperatures
2700K | 3000K (Standard) | 4000K
Single Use - No
Five or more cluster - Yes
Flat disk recessed ceiling mount
Black or White
On display in Willoughby showroom (SOK)
RRP: From $700.00


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