Darlinghurst LED Desk Lamp Black


Type Desk Lamp


The perfect light to share a good book with. The smallest, curviest lamp in the range, the Darlinghurst still packs a punch when it comes to shedding light on your favourite works of fiction. With its 180-degree beam of light that’s controlled by a discreet little button on the base of the unit, this all-purpose crowd pleaser works well as a desk lamp, reading lamp or to shed some light in the shadows of a bookcase or side table.

Material: Aluminium
Finishes: Black | Aluminium | Gold Coffee | Grey Blue
Light source: 10w LED | 3000k
Dimmable: 3 stage touch
Lumens: 800
Life: 25,000 hours
Warranty: 2 years
RRP: $299.00