A future classic.

The Sash is a modern chandelier with a classic style. An extension to the L.I.M klaylife chandelier, but with the added detail of a top band and belly band that accentuates the line and length of the clay beaded chandelier. The Sash is one of the most popular chandeliers and is a favourite amongst those who are having a hard choice between modern and classic style lighting.

Each clay bead is hand rolled, kiln fired, then dip dyed before being individually strung onto a wrought iron frame. Handmade in Africa by a beautiful community in Kwazulu Natal

    Clay & Wrought Iron
    Choose between solid colour or ombre in either klaylife signature colours, or create your own

    Small Ø380mm x H500mm 6kg
    Medium Ø450mm x H600mm 12kg
    Large  Ø600mm x H800mm 20kg
    XLarge  Ø900mm x H1100mm 45kg

    Suspension & Canopy
    2m chain suspension 

    Lamp holder
    Small - 4 x E14
    Medium - 5 x E14
    Large - 6 x E14
    Extra Large - 8 x E14

    On Display
    Please contact our showrooms for current displays and availability(KLA)

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