Adding Layers To Your Lighting
October 13, 2020

Adding Layers To Your Lighting

Adding Layers To Your Lighting

Boosting our productivity and energy levels is a natural perk of illuminating your space with the right lighting. Who doesn’t want to feel happier and more energized while you’re tackling your daily to-do list? By identifying which tasks you want to accomplish in certain rooms throughout your home, you’ll be able to tailor your living space to be the ultimate hub of both relaxation and efficiency. 

But how can you make sure each room is lit perfectly for its specific purpose? This is where task lighting comes in. Task lighting provides additional light in a room that may already have ambient light but needs some extra illumination for the specific task at hand. For example, a desk or reading lamp is an essential part of a workspace or study. Not only do they help create a bit of ambiance and personality in your space, but they help you accomplish the exact tasks you need to take care of. 


Personalize and Decorate Your Space

Creating ambiance and successfully using task lighting isn’t always as simple as picking out the most appealing lamp at the store. You should consider the other furniture in the room, the spot where you’ll most likely be placing the lamp, and how much lighting you’d like to add. Layering lights is also a great idea to help you add your own personal flair to a room.

Adding scale with floor and table lamps or wall lights are a great way to add layers of lighting. This helps make the room more interesting, and it will also provide you with more options about where you’d like to sit in the room to read, write, work or simply soften the lighting in the space. 

You can vary the lamp shades, the colours of the base, and the general style by mixing and matching with your furniture. When it’s time for a change, swap out your lamp shades for an affordable update.



Lamps for Task Lighting

In The Office

To avoid straining your eyes and feeling sluggish at your desk, it’s important to choose the right desk light for your office. Depending on the type of work you do, you might choose a clamp-on lamp (great if you’re an artist and paying close attention to detail) or a tall, far-reaching floor lamp that can light up a large space (great if you’re reviewing large documents or blueprints). 

Consider what you use your office for, and select the most appropriate lamp for the task at hand.


Bedside Lighting

Bedside lighting can set the mood for your entire bedroom, which is most likely where you go to relax and get some rest. Do you read in bed? Make sure your light is bright enough for you to see your pages, but not so bright that you feel more alert. Pendants, lamps or wall lights take your pick. 


Creating Ambient Lighting in Your Living Room

Living rooms are another place where we go to feel cosy and relaxed, so we don't often need bright lighting in these spaces. When we head to the couch to watch TV or crack open a book, we usually want to switch on a subdued task light or floor lamp. By choosing a few different lamps of varying heights, you can achieve a visually appealing look for the space or add a perfectly placed low hanging pendant to add some extra depth and style to your reading nook.


Tailor the Lighting for Each Room’s Purpose

The important fact to remember here is that you get to select your lighting fixtures based on what you want to accomplish in each room, and what fits with your mood and personality. Once you do that, the higher energy levels and brighter moods will come naturally.