Summer Heat

As the days get longer and the thermostat reaches those unbelievable high highs with no signs of a southerly reprieve and the family huddles around a rotating pedestal fan, you start to wonder why you didn’t get around to it last summer……  installing a ceiling fan.

Most ceiling fans cost just 3 cents an hour to run making them the most economical way to keep cool air circulating in your home in summer. When paired with your air conditioner it can reduce the running cost by up to 40% and even helping circulate heated air in the winter, a ceiling fan is a simple addition that can make all the difference.

Whether you are after a minimal modern design that will soundlessly disappear into the ceiling, an edgy industrial wind whirler or a bold Bahamas style feature fan there are countless designs to cool you down this summer. There is even a broad range of outdoor fans for your patios, decks and cabanas. There is no need to be a sweaty hot mess this summer and don’t forget we are here to help with all the technical and creative questions you may have.

December 04, 2018 by Lizzy x
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