May 10, 2019

LED Strip Light Magic

LED Strip Light Magic

Urban Lighting would like it to be known that magic is not just for kids. The astonishing ability to make things disappear, and just as importantly, appear in sharp focus, rests firmly in the magical realm of strip LED lighting too.

What are they and how do they work? Unlike a magician who never divulges their secrets, today we’re telling all about amazing LED lighting and why it’s so loved by us and our clients.

Essentially, LED strip lights are strands of evenly distributed LED chips, joined together in a tape-like arrangement. LED strip lights are flexible and suit a variety of uses and spaces.

Benefits of LED Strip Lighting

Many people opt for strip lighting around their home because they’re a versatile and customisable light. This adaptability comes down to a range of factors including the length and width of the strips, as well as the colour of the LED lights. From cool blues to warm oranges, there’s a hue to suit any space.

Magic secret #1: Due to the flexibility of strip LED lighting, these lights can be positioned in unusual spaces and can turn unremarkable or unusable corners of the home into enchanting points of interest. LED strip lights can be cut to fit a specific area, magnetically drawing eye-lines to any space.

There’s a range of waterproof options on the market too so you can install LED strip lights in your garden or outdoor area for instant irresistibility.

Magic secret #2: If you own a pool, these lights are perfect for wet areas. For that Hollywood party effect, position them around its perimeter for safety as much as LED glam.

Energy Efficient & Climate Conscious

E-ver-y-one’s talking energy savings these days. It’s something we at Urban Lighting have known for years – LED strip lighting is super energy efficient, magically helping decrease your energy bill. LED strip lights emit more light per watt than most lights in the market and will consume less energy whilst doing so. Additionally, LED strip lights have a longer life expectancy so the wonder lasts much longer.

LED Strip Lighting in the Bathroom

LED strip lighting can work wonders in your bathroom and can be installed in a number of positions to provide flattering and functional lighting.

Magic secret #3: Install LED strip lighting behind the bathroom mirror. This provides illumination from front-on, whilst ensuring that minimal shadows are cast. Stunning!

Alternatively, an equally fantastic effect can be achieved when LED strip lighting is positioned below and/or above the bathroom vanity. This casts light onto the roof and floor, creating a tranquil effect – perfect for a relaxing bath!


Kitchen Strip LED Lighting

Here it’s all about adding another dimension to a place most of us are familiar with. Similar to the bathroom, a popular position for LED strip lighting is on the bottom of wall-mounted cabinetry. This casts a practical yet attractive light onto the countertop below.

For another useful application, install strip LED lighting at the back of shelves. This improves visibility, creating interesting depth.

Magic secret #4: Got an island bench in your kitchen? LED strip lighting around the bottom rim of the island, between the floor and island, creates the illusion of weightlessness and space. The same goes for LED strip lighting around the border of the kitchen splashback.

Exterior Strip Lighting

Hold your applause ladies and gentlemen, as we move this magic show outside. LED strip lights lend themselves perfectly to outdoor use. We think it’s one of the simplest ways to do what used to be too expensive for most – to highlight your garden and outdoor areas at night.

Exterior LED strip lights differ to indoor lights due to their special casing protecting the components from the elements.

Here’s a quick handy guide:

  • Indoor LED strip lights fall under an IP20 rating which means that the lights are not waterproof and should not meet moisture.
  • Strip LED lighting with a classification of IP54 is splash proof and could be suited for use in the kitchen for example.
  • For true outdoor use, you should opt for a rating of IP67, which means the lights are totally waterproof. These could be used in an outdoor pool area, or along a garden path which is exposed to rain and sprinklers.

Magic secret #5: Lining outdoor paths with LED strip lights can provide a stunning effect to your outdoor area as well as providing a useful line of lights to follow at night. LED strip lighting can be the ideal solution if you have outdoor steps too, as this illuminates the surface for safe use as well as turning a practical construct into a work of art!

Strip Lights for Functionality

The biggest attraction of LED strip lighting is its functionality; providing a fast, effective and beautiful option for any area of the home. Increase its functionality with a dimmer or better still, a motion sensor for outdoor paths or inside for that midnight dash to the bathroom!

Perfect for kitchens and studies too, the strip LED light functions beautifully, providing substantial brightness without being overbearing.

Strip Lights at Urban Lighting

Wired strip lighting require installation by a licenced electrician. All of our strip lighting is custom cut to order, meaning that you will receive the most perfect lighting solution for your home.

Like all true magic acts, you only believe it if the magician knows their craft. At Urban Lighting, we’re constantly turning mediocre in mystical. If you’re ready to witness a bit of our Urban Lighting magic, head into our Willoughby or Annandale showrooms to see the wonders of LED strip lighting for yourself – you ‘ll love it.

Feature image: Designed and Photographed by @redsocksdesign