Exterior Lighting

Happily the days of sitting on the back veranda being blinded by the 200W floodlight are over.

We are using our outdoor spaces more than ever thanks to an explosion of design interest extending into our gardens, possibly because of the plethora of TV makeover shows, or maybe we’ve finally worked out we have the climate for it?

Many of the same principles apply to lighting outdoors as indoors – it should be practical and safe, but sometimes it’s just to show off the best features.  Subtle lighting across pathways and stairs ensures no-one tumbles, but it also creates a beautiful mood.  Washing light up or down a stone feature wall can look spectacular also!

And now that we’re no longer blinding our guests, we can shoot those powerful lights up into trees and highlight the super models in our yards. Beautiful! Or create a magical wonderland with whimsical fairy lights. The possibilities are endless.


July 10, 2018 by Britt Ruja
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