Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan
October 17, 2019

Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan

Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan

You’ve made up your mind that a ceiling fan or two is the best cooling option for your home. Excellent move – air conditioning’s way too expensive to run all the time and the days of extreme summer heat are increasing.

So, which one to pick? White, black, colonial, industrial – there are hundreds of ceiling fans on the market. Thankfully there’s one expert team here at Urban Lighting. We’re going to simplify the process with the tips and tricks that we apply to choosing the perfect ceiling fan.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make it a Feature

While there is a solid argument for fans that blend into the colour of your ceiling, there’s a real joy in coupling practicality with a fashion statement… so make ceiling fans a feature!

How about an oversized fan? These are quite often hung in an atrium or high-ceilinged entrance of a house for a breath-taking effect. Matte black is a designer favourite for kitchen and bathroom fittings so why not continue the beautiful trend with a striking statement from a ceiling fan? Industrial fans are made from steel or aluminium and can be a clever addition to give those warehouse conversion vibes. Or for a true tropical statement, and some serious breeze, a Caribbean style fan has wide elegant blades and will definitely live up as the showpiece you intended – and that’s before you’ve even flicked the switch.

…or function over feature

If you love to champion function over form, you’re not Robinson Crusoe. A seamless, minimal fan will blend in with your ceiling – which is especially good for small rooms that want to avoid clutter.

Choose the Right Style

Style is a very personal thing. Ditch what’s en vogue at the moment and let your home speak to you. Take in what you’ve already created. Is it a contemporary, clean-lines-and-everything-tucked-away-in-drawers kind of home? Then minimalism and blending in may be your thing. On the contrary, some people who choose to hide everything away may very well long for a matt black ceiling fan as a room centrepiece. While an older, more traditional style home could benefit from some vintage looking wooden ceiling fans.

ceiling fan living room

Benefits of a Ceiling Fan

Energy Efficient

First and foremost, a ceiling fan will mean you need your air conditioner less. During the day, it will keep the air circulating so you’re getting a constant even breeze when there’s nothing outside. In the evening, you can sleep with it on, giving you the peaceful sleep others can only dream of!

Sometimes it’s very hard to get a comfort level with air-conditioning that’s right for everyone. The softer cooling effect of ceiling fans means everyone enjoys its effects without it being too cold. And when that power bill comes in, you’ll see not only that a ceiling fan uses far less power than an air-conditioner, but you’ve only had to run your air-con in the few hottest hours of the day, if at all. Additionally, when paired with your air conditioner it can reduce the running cost by up to 40% by circulating the cool air more efficiently.

Year-Round Use

Ceiling fans even have a use in the colder months. Most have a switch on the base with two settings: summer and winter. Flick the switch to correspond with winter and the fan spins clockwise which disperses the hot air in a downward motion, recirculating the air you’ve already heated. That’s a very cost-effective way to stay warm.

All-round safety and comfort

Ever sat a pedestal fan in the kids’ room? It’s hard to walk away knowing how inquiring fingers could poke through the bars or pull it over. Ceiling fans pose no threat to child safety.

But they do promise to be hard-working, whisper quiet energy savers. If you’re a lot closer to making a choice, come in to Urban Lighting see our extensive product range. Our ceiling fan division is cool in every sense of the word and can cover every taste and every style. We look forward to seeing you at our Willoughby and Annandale showrooms soon.